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race against time

Far off near the edge of The Dimension of Barbarik close to the top of Mount Egavas was a naturally hidden cave of crystal formations. At night it was dark and dreary but during the day for the few moments that the sunbeams blazed directly through a small aperture in its ceiling the entire cave would be transformed into a giant prism reflecting a thousand ricocheting rainbows of light. The existence of the cave was known only to members of the Clan of the True Believers. Its secrets were sacred and never to be discussed outside of the cave, not even amongst themselves.

On one particular afternoon right before the cave was about to burst into magnificent color a figure could be seen standing on a natural platform in the center—a figure topped with flaming red, unruly hair. Jo Sef was thinking back to when his father had first taken him to The Sacred Cave of Clues upon his entering the age of young manhood. That experience had a profound effect upon Jo Sef. He had left the cave knowing for a surety that he had existed before coming to The Dimension of Barbarik. He also left knowing that he must prove himself worthy to return home once again to his Father and Mother’s Kingdom.

Jo Sef dropped down on his knees, folded his arms across his chest, bowed his head and began to pray as the cave morphed into a colossal kaleidoscope of unspeakable brilliance. He raised his head and pleaded, “Father, there is something I must do. Someplace I must be. I have to know. What is my destiny?”  Then Jo Sef saw a form materializing within the crystal reflections. A tiny form cozily tucked in, cradled within a woman’s womb, sucking its thumb in contentment. Then the small eyes opened and full of trust and devotion gazed directly into his own. His heart was pierced with remembrance. Tare Ree!

The vision faded away. Moments later a large pocket of menacing darkness began to form, banishing the rainbows. Jo Sef began to feel a tremendous uneasiness. He watched as an object slowly began to materialize within the grim shadow. It was the cold exterior of a Relief House. Jo Sef recognized the building instantly for it was the last such building he had passed before entering the wilderness on his way to the cave, a full day’s journey away. Then he could see the door of a room inside the building materialize… It was labeled number six. The door opened revealing a timepiece on the wall which read noonday, and below it was a calendar page showing the day that was tomorrow. Then he saw the cleaver… The vision then dissolved entirely away along with the fading rainbows and the cave once again became dimly lit by diffused daylight.

Jo Sef let out a gut wrenching howl! TARE REE! Full memory of her had come to him in an instant and he remembered the promise he had made! He would be there to greet her upon her own entry into The Dimension of Barbarik. He remembered the vision of the Relief House, the door labeled six, the timepiece registering noonday, the calendar and… the cleaver! Noonday tomorrow! He looked at his own timepiece and saw that it was noonday plus a quarter. He flew to his feet and raced towards the cave entrance!

Once outside he began running full speed down the slopes of Egavas below the naturally concealed cave entrance and on deep into the tangy fragranced Forest of Ohadi. He ran for hours without resting. Finally he stopped and knelt down to quench his thirst with the sweet water from a small brook along the path. Then immediately he was up again and racing. Racing against time! He did not stop again until it was too dark for him to see his way. He could not risk any injury that would prevent him from reaching Tare Ree in time, so he forced himself to rest and wait until morning light to continue on. But he did not sleep.

After building a fire, he knelt in prayer for the whole of the night, supplicating his Father and Mother that they would grant him the strength and courage which would be required to enable him to keep the promise which he had made to Tare Ree a lifetime before.

The instant that there was the faintest hint of daylight Jo Sef was up again and running. He could feel the storm clouds gathering overhead but prayed that he would make it to the City of Goldlockin where the Relief House stood before they let loose their heavy cargo. The anticipated downpour began the same moment that he came within eyesight of the city. Refusing to let it slow him down, he instead began to run even faster.

Finally a drenched Jo Sef strode into Goldlockin. He cunningly took the back streets, silently moving unnoticed through the town and its citizens. Finally at a quarter to noonday Jo Sef came upon the perimeters of the Relief House grounds. Before the first explosion the Relief Houses had been unguarded and easily accessible. But now they all had a high fence around the perimeter with guards always positioned at the entrance gate.

Jo Sef quickly climbed the fire escape ladder to the top of the building closest to the Relief House. He gauged the distance from the rooftop he was on to the rooftop of the Relief House. An impossible distance! What was his choice? He had to jump and he had to make it! He forced himself to let go of all fear, doubt and disbelief. He ran back twenty paces, took a deep breath, freed his mind and started running full speed to the roof’s edge. At the last moment he catapulted himself through the air. Soaring, soaring, soaring and then falling! At the last moment his hands clamped onto the slippery wet edge of the Relief House roof. He dangled precariously for a few moments before swinging himself safely up onto the ledge.

Then he ran to the roof door. It was locked! He took a tool out of his pocket and tried to manipulate the lock. The handle turned but still the door wouldn’t budge! Then in the center of the roof he saw a golden glow flooding out through a skylight. He raced over and peered down into the building. He was looking at some sort of lounge for the staff. Seven people were sitting at a table laughing and eating. He glanced at his timepiece. It was almost noonday! He flung himself crashing through the skylight glass, plunging directly onto the table. The occupants of the room scattered as they cried out in surprise! Jo Sef’s hood had come off in the fall revealing his trademark red hair.

The occupants of the room immediately recognized him and reacted in horror. Jo Sef leapt from the table as he heard one of the staff call for help on the building intercom. “Jo Sef’s in the building! Security! Jo Sef’s in the building!” He raced out of the room and into the corridor.

Jo Sef ran past each of the doors on the top floor. None were numbered. They were labeled supply closet, kitchen, laundry, etc. Jo Sef flew to the stairs and raced down to the next lower floor.

Flying past doors seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve. Six rooms. Six doors. No more. Two security guards broke through the stairwell door from the next level down. They tried to subdue and restrain Jo Sef but he fought with ferocity, broke free and bounded down the stairs! Left sprawled on the floor, the security guards were immediately up and after him! Jo Sef was racing past the doors on the bottom floor. Door one, two, three, four, five and… DOOR SIX! Jo Sef flung the door open wide!

On that fateful day The Dimension of Barbarik had started closing in on Tare Ree. She was being squeezed and pushed and crushed in the darkness! Everything in her world was changing! A panic seized her and she was terrified of what would come next.  Suddenly the darkness was shattered by a bright light! The warmth was replaced by a shivering cold. And Tare Ree felt so—unprotected!

The security guards had been close behind Jo Sef when he flung open the door to room six! A loud shot rang out and the coat on Jo Sef’s back began to show a red stain spreading. He rushed into the room just as The Executioner was about to bring down the cleaver! Jo Sef grabbed the wrist which held the weapon and twisted The Executioner’s arm violently forcing the cleaver from his hand! It fell to the floor with a loud clang as Jo Sef slammed the wailing coward hard against the wall! Jo Sef then rushed to rescue the small form on the table, snapping the chord connecting it to the host as he fell to the floor, cradling the infant in a protective embrace. The tiny, trusting eyes met Jo Sef’s and then fluttered shut. Then Jo Sef with his Tare Ree sheltered safely in his loving arms slumped over and took the last breath he would ever take in The Dimension of Barbarik. Immediately there was a deafening explosion!

The main story covered by the Etile Aidem that day was the news that Jo Sef himself had died during one of his attempts to bomb a Relief House. Charismatic Leader immediately appeared on a national Etile Aidem broadcast and once again offered up a public display of profound grief thus once more demonstrating his true compassion for all the victims and their families. He reiterated the outrage he felt because of the tragic loss of Barbarikian life instigated by the evil Jo Sef. He then expressed his relief and the conviction that the relief house terrorism would most certainly now come to an end.

And once again the Etile Aidem moved in for an extreme close-up as the proverbial tear trickled down Charismatic Leader’s cheek…


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