a solemn oath

Once upon a time…

Nanah Cub and Tare Ree had been soul mates since the beginning of the beginning. From embryonic intelligent matter to full-blown souls, they had always been together in their world of crystal and light. Inseparable, really. Father had chuckled at some of their escapades back in those times before Life, but there had been other instances when their enthusiasm for discovery had gotten them into trouble. At those times Father would chastise them firmly. But their biggest incentive to exhibit good behavior was Mother. To be responsible for casting a shadow upon her countenance was the worst punishment of all; being responsible for putting the laughter back into her eyes the greatest reward. And so it went on for eons of time.

But eventually The Time would come around. A soul could never be promoted until it had inhabited a physical body and been tested and that could not be accomplished at home under Mother and Father’s protective care. Now it was Nanah Cub’s time for Life. Time to travel to The Dimension of Barbarik, a wondrous world completely separate from the one they had known. But there was a catch. A veil was always dropped over the eons of memory and knowledge gained before Life. Souls entered into The Dimension of Barbarik as if brand new, starting over from scratch in their learning, for Barbarik was The Testing Ground where True Worth was found. They then faced the lifelong challenge of gaining wisdom, precept upon precept. But more important would be their actions, for wisdom without action is false and to know the way and then not go the way or show the way was a betrayal of Truth.

Father and Mother would monitor their progress, leaving clues for them to discover if they searched for guidance and truth with a humble and sincere heart, nothing wavering. Clues that would help them to discover their true purpose in life. Clues that would help them to fulfill their destiny.

Nanah Cub pleaded with Father to allow him and Tare Ree to travel to The Dimension of Barbarik together, to the same place and time, for that was allowed. Many souls had gotten permission to travel to Barbarik together. Nanah Cub pleaded, begged, and implored with all manner of logical argument, but to no avail.

So he went to Mother. Surely Mother would understand the importance of Nanah Cub and Tare Ree going on the journey together. But she said that Father in his wisdom knew what was best.

Then Tare Ree went to Father and pleaded and begged and implored with all manner of logical argument for her to be allowed to travel to The Dimension of Barbarik with Nanah Cub, but to no avail. He told her that her journey would take place at a later time when Nanah Cub would be near the end of his own testing. Tare Ree went to Mother to plead with her to convince Father to let her and Nanah Cub go together but mother once again said that Father in his wisdom knew what was best. And Tare Ree wept.

So that is how it came to be that Nanah Cub was sent to The Dimension of Barbarik to be tested within the mantle of a physical body without his Tare Ree. But before he left he made her a solemn oath. He would spend his whole life in search of clues, enough to allow him to discover the exact time and place of her arrival. With all memory of their time together erased he would still somehow remember and he promised that he would be there to greet her upon her own entry into The Dimension of Barbarik. He was gazing deep into Tare Ree’s eyes even as his spirit was fading away from The Dimension of Souls, sealing the promise he had made to her into his heart’s memory forever.

Nanah Cub’s journey into The Dimension of Barbarik was truly an amazing one indeed. He first became aware of total darkness, not a cold, dank darkness, but rather a warm, comforting one. Always he could hear the low, muffled sound of a great pump somewhere in the distance, glub-alub, glub-alub, glub-alub, glub-alub. It was not really an ominous sound, but more of a reassuring one. Cozily tucked in, he felt safe and secure.

At times the journey was rather disconcerting. Nanah Cub would be resting and a loud noise would jolt him to alertness. He would sometimes hear a hullabaloo or laughter from far off in the distance and sometimes he could hear a clanging sound or a low rumbling. Sometimes, if he listened very closely, he could hear a repeated melody that was enchanting. There were so many different and unfamiliar sounds and he could never quite tell where they were coming from or what they were. It was puzzling, but having no sense of time, Nanah Cub just lived in each moment and was content in just being. And he continued on his journey.

Then one fateful day The Dimension of Barbarik started closing in on him. He was being squeezed and pushed and crushed in the darkness. Everything in Nanah Cub’s world was changing! A panic seized him and he was terrified of what would come next. Suddenly the darkness was shattered by a bright light! And the warmth was replaced by a shivering cold. And Nanah Cub felt so—unprotected!

Then almost as if by magic he found himself within a warm, sheltering embrace and looked for the first time into somehow familiar eyes filled with joy and laughter. And the familiar melody began again. Only this time he could comprehend its meaning…

Dear One, welcome to our home.
Always know you're not alone.
You will live here safe with me.
I'll love you for eternity.


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